EveryBody is a Body
EveryBody is a Body


Movement connects us all. We are all moving, all of the time. The moving body is the foundation of human activity. In a world where technological advancement allows for instant global connections, we are becoming increasingly disembodied. This gives rise to “dis-ease” in our physical, emotional and intellectual selves. This book promotes increased awareness of the power and potential of human movement. It takes into account personal uniqueness, as well as the universal aspects of what it means to be human. This is a book for every body. In order to experience life to it’s fullest, it is important to keep in touch with our moving selves. Read more

About Karen Studd and Laura Cox

Karen A. Studd is master teacher for the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, teaching internationally in training programs in movement analysis. She is also is a professor at George Mason University. A teacher of movement analysis, somatics and dance, her interest is in promoting awareness of human movement as a fundamental body of knowledge. She is frequently sought as a “body language expert” in observation of personal style through the non-verbal communication of political pundits.
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Excerpt from the Book

This is a book about human movement. EveryBody Is A Body is a book intended for everyone, whether you are an athlete, a person who tries to avoid moving, or someone who generally gives their movement little thought. Read more

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